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WP Content Copy Protection Effective Plugin

Nowadays when the era of digitalization is in progress it is necessary to protect your content. Almost everything can be found on the Internet at the present moment. Almost everyone needs to protect any pieces of content. It can be a portfolio if you are a skillful tech specialist or a talented designer. If you do not want to see your texts, projects, photos on other websites, think of your content security.

Who Needs to Protect Content on the Internet?

If you are a popular blogger, a businessman with a corporate or e-commerce website, an artist, a photographer, your texts, pictures, videos are under the risk of theft. If you post anything on the Internet, be ready that your unique content might appear on other websites, social media networks, other digital platforms.

It goes without saying that you need a reliable way of protection for your site, account, or other resources to keep your poems, songs, photos, descriptions, and much safer. For this purpose, there are many plugins and programs to select from. Users download helpful software and are able to protect their content from copy, selecting, and other activities that endanger the safety of the digital information.

One of the most demandable programs today on the modern software market is the WordPress plugin to prevent copying. Its efficiency is proved by numerous reviews written by users. The main purpose of this program is to protect WordPress content.

What is a Content Copy Protection WP Plugin?

WP Content Copy Protection – is an efficient plugin for a WordPress website that protects content from theft, copying, plagiarism, and other malefactions related to information stored on web resources. It is worth noting that this plugin has two versions to count on. The basic version can be downloaded for free. The premium version obtains more helpful options and is available for download at a reasonable price.

The WP copy-protect plugin is notable for its effectiveness because it blocks any tries to steal content with the help of right mouse click or keyboard shortcut buttons use. Let’s take a closer look at each version of the Content Copy Protection plugin to review this software in detail.

The Main Reasons to Use the WP Content Copy Protection Plugin

First of all, your content will not be exploited by third parties for their own purposes. Secondly, your original data will be under high-level protection. Besides the no-right-click option and keyboard copy button blocking, there are aggressive image protection and watermarking. Among other reasons to use WordPress Content Copy Protection are:

  • The plugin is absolutely configurative. The user can not only download and install it but opt for the individual settings.
  • Your original photo-, video-, and other content will not be shared and used by third parties (other entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc.).
  • This plugin is exceptionally flexible. You can use it for WordPress websites in any direction. Both for e-commercial platforms and personal blogs. Any user is going to find the WP anti-copy-paste plugin helpful.
WordPress Content Copy Protection Plugin – About the Basic Version

The range of available options is really impressive when it comes to the free version of the WordPress Content Copy Protection plugin. It allows users to disable the right click of the mouse and protect the content from copy-pasting activities this way. Additionally, text (words) selection is disabled not only for PC but for pocket screens as well. It means that users who would like to steal your content will not be able to do it due to this option. Among other free options that are accessible in the free-of-charge basic version of the plugin are:

  • Image protection – basic options (drag & drop, save commands are disabled for the WordPress images).
  • Directories and subdirectories are secured from public access. It helps to prevent data leaks, information loss, content theft.
  • The WP plugin offers to block the keyboard copy-paste buttons. This option is available for PC (Windows only).

WordPress Copy Protection plugin disables such commands as Print, Save, Cut that are switched on with the help of the right-click. It is worth noting that this plugin protects WordPress content well and does not bring a negative impact on the website SEO. It means that search engines will determine your content and will take it into account for the ranking.

WordPress Content Copy Protection Plugin – About the Premium Version

It is worth mentioning that the paid version of this plugin is rather affordable. At the same time, the user gets access to premium options that will come in handy to increase the protection level of the content on the WordPress website. Among them are the following offers:

  • Watermarking and multi-layers for photo and video content;
  • Premium image protection – it is almost impossible to steal the photo content;
  • Admin configurations to customize the plugin settings (excluding specific pages, publications);
  • Compatibility with other plugins that are necessary for SEO and visual facilities.

Additionally, the effective anti-copy-paste WordPress plugin obtains one more helpful option for content protection. It provides the WP site owners with the feed removals like atom, rss, and others. Tailor the plugin to your needs and stay pleased with the final result. Your texts, songs, audio records, photos, pictures, and other information will be secured from illegal exploitations and reposting.

Activation will not take much time. It is necessary to pass the login procedure. This way you will open your admin panel. Find the section of Plugins there and add a new one – the anti-copy-pasting software for WP web resources.

The WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click (Premium) will keep your content safe. At the same time, the Space Xtemos team is at your command when it comes to the perfect visualization and WordPress website creation. The best templates are waiting for you in our catalogs. Count on the professional and comprehensive approach of the Space Xtemos designers and developers.

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