Variable products and swatches

Jan, 1 260
WooCommerce variable products WooCommerce has an option to create product attributes and use them for product variations. That means that you can create complex products with additional options and sizes or any other kind of attribute. Detailed instruction about products and taxonomies management ca...

Products element (grid or carousel)

Jan, 1 284
Products element Our theme's products Grid/Carousel element is a flexible Elementor tool to present WooCoomerce products. Products element allows to configure a grid with 1-6 items in a row and show the products by category, tag or ID.  In addition, you can display products by type: Sales products, ...

Product sale countdown

Jan, 1 149
The countdown timer in our theme can be displayed on the shop and single product pages. They will be added only to products with a sale price and the final date scheduled for that price. Enable the timer on your shop page in Theme Settings -> Product archive -> Product options -> Coun...

Compare products

Jan, 1 137
Built-in compare Our themes come with a built-in compare products option. You don't need to use any external plugins for this. You can enable and configure this feature in Dashboard -> Theme Settings -> Shop -> Compare. Compare products page The next step is the Compare page, which should...

Order tracking form

Jan, 1 92
Order Tracking Form is a WooCommerce functionality allowing buyers to see the order processing progress. In order to create a tracking order block, you will need to add the WooCommerce shortcode “Order Tracking Form” to your pages. You can use Elementor "Shortcode" for this purpose. [woocom...

Products stock progress bar

Jan, 1 218
With this option, you can visually show your product stock amount as a progress bar. You can see how it looks on our demo here. The feature can be enabled in the Theme settings > Single product > Elements for single product page and int the Theme settings > Product archive > Product options ...

Product brands

Jan, 1 140
Our theme allows you to create brands and attach them to products in your store. In general, brands are simple product attributes as well as size, color or any other. You can create them in Dashboard -> Products -> Attributes -> Brand -> Configure terms. If you missed our dummy con...


Jan, 1 83 1
Built-in wishlist All our themes have built-in wishlist functionality. You don't need to use any third-party plugins for this. It allows your visitors to add products to their wishlists that increase your store conversion. The Wishlist feature is enabled by switching it on in the Theme Settings - &g...

Size guides

Jan, 1 137
Size guides are our custom post type that allows you to create custom size guide tables and attach them to your products. This function can be activated in Theme Settings -> Shop. Then, you can create new tables in the Dashboard -> Size Guides-> Add new. Each size guide table you can ...

Image sizes and product alignment

Jan, 1 117
If products have featured images of different sizes the product grid items will have different heights and the inner content, such as title, price, and “Add to cart button” would be on different levels. The best solution is to upload images of equal size and proportion, however, considering a lot o...
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