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XTemos Studio is a website with WordPress templates that are suitable for business projects. Our privacy policy is clear and well-understandable for our clients. This page informs Our Clients about data collection, disclosure of personal data, users’ rights and responsibilities, payment regulations, and information transfer conditions. The XTemos Studio team aims to satisfy our consumers’ needs in full scope and provide them with qualitative services and products.


  • XTemos Studio (later “We’, “Us”, “Our team”) is the service provider and data processor. The XTemos website is responsible for users’ personal data safety, WordPress product provision (themes and templates), and sufficient data processing.
  • User (later “Data Subject”, “Client”, “Consumer”) – the individual who has joined the XTemos club and uses XTemos Studio services.
  • User’s Data – this is personal and general information specified by Consumers on the XTemos Studio website. Some data is collected automatically.
  • Cookies – ID tags and other pieces of data, small text details that are stored in the Users’ browser directory. The XTemos Studio website uses cookies to get certain information on the Consumer’s preferences, site navigation, requests, and other aspects necessary for fully-customized service provision.
  • Third Parties – any external agents who might receive and process information provided by Users (including personal and general data details). The XTemos Studio website does not share and bring Users’ data to Third Parties excepting hosting partners and assisting ones in terms of payment procedures, transactions, and other operations.

Data Collection Conditions

The main purpose of Our data collection is to identify or contact Users. Our Clients provide personal information when they sign in (pass the registration procedure) or log in. Personally identifiable details usually consist of:

  • Facebook account name (if User signs in with the help of Facebook account);
  • Email address.

The XTemos Studio website does not ask for supplementary personal data that is useless for service provision. Our support team can offer you to leave feedback or survey responses if necessary. Users have an opportunity to agree or disagree because these actions are optional. Additional information like inquiring and polling is possible to improve our service and update the list of available WordPress products (themes and templates) for business representatives.

Log Data

It is worth noting that browser details that are often called Log Data are collected automatically. The server requires Users’ Internet Protocol (ID) address, browser type, and version. Additionally, Log Data contains other necessary details that are collected on our website like date and time stamps, referring pages.

All these statistics are regularly monitored to provide XTemos Studio Clients with customization functions and improved service range.


Cookies do not contain any personal information and confidential data. They are used to make the log-in process faster and website navigating more comfortable. Additionally, cookies help remember Users’ website activities, preferences, and requests. The XTemos Studio website uses them to understand Clients’ behavior and their needs, site experience, and other aspects.

It is worth noting that cookies are saved and stored during one calendar year (365 days). Past the one-year period cookies are deleted. Users who have decided to log out can count on the automatically-done deletion of cookies right after their accounts are unable anymore.

There is a special type of Remember-Me cookies that are saved for 2 (two) weeks. It means that Users can log in easily without nickname and password specification. If our Clients or first-comers of the XTemos Studio website do not accept cookies, some options become unavailable for them. That is why We recommend switching the cookie permitting option on. This way Our website can use essential, functional, advertising, and other cookies to improve the quality of the XTemos Studio products and services.

The XTemos Users have an opportunity to turn on notifications about new cookies and confirm their usage manually. Besides website cookies, there are Google Analytics cookies to take into consideration. We do not share Users’ personal information with Google services. Only general data is processed.

Google Analytics

The XTemos Studio website uses Google Analytics for Users’ tracking. As it was mentioned before, Google Analytics uses cookies to collect Our Client’s data. Users can find out more details on Google Analytics information collection here.

Data sharing with other Third Parties like other websites, our partners, and other online platforms are excluded. We provide Users with data anonymity and information detail safety. There is an additional opt-out function to take into consideration concerning Google Analytics policy. Get more information following the link.

Paddle Payments

The XTemos Studio website provides transactions and other payment procedures via the Paddle system. According to the Paddle Policies, Users’ payment details and information on ongoing or done transactions is stored and processed on the Paddle online platform.

It is worth noting that the Paddle system guarantees high-level protection of all personal data that is stored and processed. In a secure manner, data transfer takes place with the help of the servers located in the UK, the United States of America, and the Republic of Ireland (the hardware and actual official addresses are presented in the USA, Great Britain, and Ireland).

Our servers do not store transaction details – only the Paddle gateway provider is responsible for payment data storage, transfer, and processing. The XTemos Studio website does not store and process data on payment operations and transactions. The Paddle platform is responsible for Users’ payment information storage and processing. To find more about Paddle Policies, use the following link.

Data Transfer Regulations

  • Users’ personal data and general information specified on the XTemos Studio website are transferred to the Paddle system and hosting providers.
  • Our company is responsible for data transfer security and information confidentiality during the process of data collection and other data sharing stages.
  • Third Parties are not allowed to get and use Our Clients’ personal and general information on their websites, online platforms, database, email newsletters.

Data Security Provision

XTemos Studio provides high-level data security. Users can count on the well-protected electronic storage and safe method of information transmission on the Internet. The number one importance for Our team to undertake actual and efficient precautions to avoid data loss and other frauds. We act according to electronic storage standards to prevent the fact of violation of Our Clients’ rights.

Nevertheless, we should note Users that their personal data sent to other external agents, Third Parties, and other service providers is out of our protection. If you share private information with other parties on the Internet, be responsible for your actions. The following data items are generally accessible in default:

  • comments;
  • feedback;
  • reviews.

DNT (Do-Not-Track Option)

The XTemos Studio website does not support the DNT option and any Do-Not-Track signals. Users turn on this function optionally for their web browsers. The Do-Not-Track option is available in the menu of browser settings.


XTemos Studio provides various opportunities for better interactions with its Users. For example, Clients can switch on notifications or agree to receive an email newsletter about new WordPress themes and templates. We inform you about special offers, catalog updates, discounts, and other capabilities. To get more information on the XTemos Studio services and products Users need to specify their personal data like email address and telephone number.

If you are not ready to provide your agreement for newsletters and messaging, you have a right to refuse promotional information notifications and disable newsletter sending. Our managers will provide you unsubscribe links if necessary.

Users’ Rights

Our company is responsible for your personal data storage and processing when it comes to website interactions. Our Clients have a right to register, order products and services, get timely following-up together with technical support. Additionally, XTemos Studio is responsible for the correctness of specified information. We are not able to store and process the personal information of Our Users with mistakes.

Our Clients have the right to get timely Customer Support when some kind of fraud or other unpleasant situation takes place. Our managers will answer all your questions and solve the issues you have faced as soon as possible.

Authorized Users have a wider range of capabilities on the XTemos website. We are responsible for qualitative service provision and sufficient website performance with timely problem-solving and site debugging.

Any XTemos Studio User has the right to ask Our managers to delete his personal information from Our database and disable the account. All possible profile changes are available for Clients in default.

Users’ Responsibilities

  • You can register on the XTemos Studio website only if you are of legal age.
  • Our Clients should pursue only legitimate business purposes.
  • The WordPress service and product provision are available for Clients of legal age.
  • Timely inform Our specialists if some failure to comply with the rules takes place.
  • Prevent identifiable information provided by children and teenagers under legal age.
  • Provide truthful and actual personal information to make our following-up easy and fast.
  • If some details are changes, inform Our managers or specify new items of information in your account yourself.

Privacy Policy Changes

The XTemos Studio website is able to modify the present-day Privacy Policy without obligatory informing of Users and Standing Clients. A new version of the Privacy Policy will be posted on the same website page. Updates can concern any of the above-mentioned items (Cookies, Safety Measures).

Our managers will provide actual information and active link if necessary to familiarize yourself with the updated information. Each change to the Privacy Policy will be described in detail to make each item clear for Our Clients. Users can count on high-grade loyalty and updates that do not violate their rights.

Contact Us

If you would like to make specific some of the Privacy Policy items and regulations, contact Our managers to clear it up. XTemos Studio aims to meet Users’ requirements and expectations. You can count on our technical support, timely consulting, and information sharing. Follow the link: https://space.xtemos.com/contact-form to contact us any time you need. Specify the subject of your message to arrange the most efficient two-way communication with the XTemos Studio team.

Additionally, you can visit our support form and find answers here. The FAQ section is at your command as well. We have collected the most frequently asked questions and actual answers you might search for.

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