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    I am seeing this weird text do not know if this is related to the theme or not. But on the checkout page just above the place order. there is a checkbox with text ‘ I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions *. When i click on the term and condition. A text box comes up with some weird text as below:
    Can you tell me where to remove this text. I believe i did not put any related text still it is showed up.

    Below is the text:
    The decade that brought us Star Trek and Doctor Who also resurrected Cicero—or at least what used to be Cicero—in an attempt to make the days before computerized design a little less painstaking.

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    These sheets of lettering could.
    More recently the growth.
    Across the internet as a placeholder.
    Included the lorem ipsum filler text.
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    Artem Temos
    Artem Temos


    This text comes from the “Terms & Conditions” page. You should be able to find and customize/remove this page in Dashboard -> Pages.

    Kind Regards

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