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    Artem Temos
    Artem Temos

    Dear customers,

    If you have ideas or not satisfied with our theme functionality use this form to request new features or suggest modifications to existing features.

    Kind Regards


    Maybe header banner can be slide

    Check nike.com header banner area, showing multiple news in header banner area.


    The testimonial feature of the themes can be provided automatically from Woocommerce comments.


    Rank Math Breadcrumbs support needs to be added immediately, this really big deficiency because Rank Math plugin is much more powerful and useful than Yoast SEO.

    You received similar requests in Woodmart reviews and support forums. And adding this support should be extremely simple for you.


    It would be great to have dynamic content integration with Elementor widgets. Currently it’s not possible to use dynamic content system with Elementor widgets provided with the themes.

    For example creating a pop-up with Elementor and linking to that pop-up with Button widget from theme is not possible.



    Also copy / pasting style from Xtemos Widgets to Elementor Widgets doesn’t work.


    Any feedback about dynamic integration with Elementor?

    I wanted to use a banner carousel and link the button to pop-up that I created with Elementor that includes a sign up form but currently it’s not possible.



    HI guys,
    Amazing theme , using basel for a while and shift to tethys 2 days back. Almost every feature that one can need. and the theme is way fast and better. Kudos guys. Few things i like to point out or maybe i miss:
    1) There are presets options to choose from. Just one thing i found is i don’t know what features are currently using. Lets say i choose 3-4 different types of presets. After configuring it i have no way of knowing how many are active and with what configuration. If i come back after a week i might forgot that. So a page in the menu where i can see all my active presets.
    2) Option to tweak presets. Lets say I don’t feel like creating a new product page from the beginning lets say and just need to make small changes in already existing preset. I might need that template from preset to copy from.
    3)Maybe a elementor widget that kind of fetch all the coupons from the backend. Just a thought, this can be added directly to the cart and checkout page.
    4) The infinite scroll takes a bit more time to fetch the data. I know this is a ajax functionality. Can this be imroved so that it fetches the data a bit early when we are near the page end. I am using vultr high compute machine with a good CPU and ram(2gb) still this a bit of time. Not sure if this is core wordpress functionality feature or something we guys can tweak.


    One request guys if that does not affect the performance of the theme.
    One of the things that even you must have noticed is the phones are getting bigger and bigger and the customer most likely to click on the things that are on the lower side of the phone, that is why i love your idea of sticky bottom seriously very unique.
    But i would really love if that can be a bit customizable not much but a bit.
    Like for ecommerce there are more or less 3.-4 types of important pages.
    1) Homepage
    2) Product page
    3) shop page
    4) Checkout related pages.

    Now every page can have sticky bottom but with different value that serves the purpose of that page. For eg
    1) Home page: We can have new arrival, sale, account , cart
    2) Shoppage: Filter, maybe few product categories for easy navigation
    3) Product page: Side bar for all the offers and coupons and same for checkout pages.

    What do you guys think?? If it does not hurt the page performance. I believe it will really add value to customer interaction with the website.

    ++ Also guys please promote your theme. I mean this theme blows other themes like astra, shop optimizer right out of the water in terms of performance and the feature it is providing. Because the way i found your theme was pure luck otherwise i would not have known about this. So do promote your theme on other platforms like fb, insta too.

    Thanks Guys


    Single post pages are very important for sites that make SEO investments like us, and almost all of the site traffic comes through these pages.

    It would be nice if we could somehow make these pages more sales-oriented.


    Guys i would really love if you can have an element in elementor which is like mix of accordian and normal text.
    You must have seen it:
    Its like some text is written and there is small link like ‘show more’ which on clicking opens like accordian. After opening it usually have ‘show less’ button which on clicked become small like before.
    This helps up to give a sneek peak of a text to the customer.



    It would be great to add an option to display TABS below Add to cart, as you have solved in Woodmart theme.
    So summary Tabs would be displayed in the right column, not under Product Images and “woocommerce_single_product_summary” block.

    Similar to this Elementor Product layout:


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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