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One request guys if that does not affect the performance of the theme.
One of the things that even you must have noticed is the phones are getting bigger and bigger and the customer most likely to click on the things that are on the lower side of the phone, that is why i love your idea of sticky bottom seriously very unique.
But i would really love if that can be a bit customizable not much but a bit.
Like for ecommerce there are more or less 3.-4 types of important pages.
1) Homepage
2) Product page
3) shop page
4) Checkout related pages.

Now every page can have sticky bottom but with different value that serves the purpose of that page. For eg
1) Home page: We can have new arrival, sale, account , cart
2) Shoppage: Filter, maybe few product categories for easy navigation
3) Product page: Side bar for all the offers and coupons and same for checkout pages.

What do you guys think?? If it does not hurt the page performance. I believe it will really add value to customer interaction with the website.

++ Also guys please promote your theme. I mean this theme blows other themes like astra, shop optimizer right out of the water in terms of performance and the feature it is providing. Because the way i found your theme was pure luck otherwise i would not have known about this. So do promote your theme on other platforms like fb, insta too.

Thanks Guys

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