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HI guys,
Amazing theme , using basel for a while and shift to tethys 2 days back. Almost every feature that one can need. and the theme is way fast and better. Kudos guys. Few things i like to point out or maybe i miss:
1) There are presets options to choose from. Just one thing i found is i don’t know what features are currently using. Lets say i choose 3-4 different types of presets. After configuring it i have no way of knowing how many are active and with what configuration. If i come back after a week i might forgot that. So a page in the menu where i can see all my active presets.
2) Option to tweak presets. Lets say I don’t feel like creating a new product page from the beginning lets say and just need to make small changes in already existing preset. I might need that template from preset to copy from.
3)Maybe a elementor widget that kind of fetch all the coupons from the backend. Just a thought, this can be added directly to the cart and checkout page.
4) The infinite scroll takes a bit more time to fetch the data. I know this is a ajax functionality. Can this be imroved so that it fetches the data a bit early when we are near the page end. I am using vultr high compute machine with a good CPU and ram(2gb) still this a bit of time. Not sure if this is core wordpress functionality feature or something we guys can tweak.

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