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Last updated: January 21, 2021

Today using native WordPress shortcode function is not comfortable and easy. Instead, you can create your pages using Elementor elements allowing to create page templates of any design. Xtemos has developed an integrated set of elements expanding and improving options in order to provide comprehensive tools to present WooCommerce products and functionality. If you have any questions regarding Elementor usage in general you can read their extensive documentation here https://elementor.com/help/. So, all our theme elements are available through the Elementor interface:

Xtemos elements in Elementor editor

  • 360-degree view – Showcase your product as 3D model
  • Accordion – display your information in accordion style.
  • Animated text – create a beautiful typing animation for your texts.
  • AJAX Search – Shows  AJAX search form
  • Animated Counter – Shows animated counter with label
  • Banner – Promo image with text and hover effect
  • Banners carousel – Show your banners as a carousel
  • Blog – Show your blog posts on the page
  • Product Brands – Brands carousel/grid
  • Button – Simple button in different theme styles
  • Blockquote – simple element to display text in a quote style.
  • Contact form 7 – display the form created with contact form 7 plugin.
  • Countdown timer – Shows countdown timer
  • Circle progress – display some progress in the view of an animated circle.
  • Extra menu list – Create a menu list for your mega menu dropdown, view Browse Category Mega Menu
  • Google Map – Shows Google map block
  • Hotspots – Add hotspots with products/text to the image
  • HTML Block – Add a reusable HTML block created with elementor.
  • Image gallery – Images grid/carousel
  • Image or SVG – add a single image or SVG.
  • Infobox – Show some brief information with an icon.
  • Infobox carousel – Show your brief information as a carousel
  • Instagram – Instagram photos
  • Video – display Youtube, Vimeo or self-hosted video.
  • Mailchimp – display mailchimp subscription form.
  • Mega Menu – mega menu widget
  • Menu price – Showcase your menu
  • Popup – Button that shows a popup on click
  • Portfolio – Showcase your projects or gallery
  • Price plan – Show your pricing plans
  • Price plan switcher – you can create plans for different periods (like year, month etc).
  • Product categories – Product categories grid or carousel
  • Product filters – Add filters by category, attribute or price
  • Products – display product grid or carousel.
  • Products tabs  – Product tabs for your marketplace
  • Responsive text block – A block of text with responsive text sizes
  • Title – Styled title for sections
  • Slider – Built-in theme slider
  • Social buttons – Follow or share buttons
  • Social counter – display the number of followers or subscribers for your social profiles.
  • Shape – simple shape elements with colors and sizes options.
  • Size guide – display a size guide table.
  • Team Member – Display information about some person
  • Testimonials – User testimonials slider or grid
  • Tabs – display tabbed content.
  • Timeline – Timeline for the history of your product
  • Table – standard HTML table with a lot of options.
  • Twitter – Shows tweets from any twitter account
  • Compare – required for the compare table page 
  • Wishlist – required for the Wishlist page 
  • Working hours – your store/organization schedule table.
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